Privacy protection

The privacy protection is applicable to the users of the service provided by the web of Meihua biotechnology group Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Meihua). Meihua respects the client’s individual privacy, regularly checks the privacy protection measures and guarantee that the personal data of the client is free of reveal.

The personal employment data delivered by user in the Meihua web belongs to scope of privacy protection, and Meihua performs privacy protection for these data.

Meihua is not responsible for following conditions.

User’s actions violate the relevant laws and regulations for information network security or need Meihua provide relevant information according to the requirements of judicial office and administrative bodies. Meihua will provide with this data according to the requirements of these departments while Meihua assumes no responsibility for this.

Meihua is equipped with comprehensive technical measures and security protection system to guarantee the information security of users while Meihua assumes no responsibility for information damage and reveal caused by computer virus infection, hacker attack or other special external force infestation. 

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