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  • China Business Daily: leading in two fileds, Meihua group is ready to march

    At the end of last year, the plum blossom group formally completed restructuring listed, means that the market had full approval on it. Plum blossom group experienced how the entrepreneurial process? What is the idea of for the future? On May 10, 2011, the Chinese business newspaper reporter an excl...

  • Tongliao Daily: Tongliao Company applies high technology to treat pollution and realize low consumption

    Tgo the plum blossom is the national fermentation industry circular economy demonstration enterprise. Since its establishment, has been to build science and technology innovation, resource conservation and environment friendly, safe quality enterprise as its goal, has obtained the good economic, soc...

  • Science and Technology Daily: world leading has highlighted advantages; competition intensifying requires powerful policies

    Benefit in the field of biological medicine, food, agriculture and so on amino acid industry, is becoming one of the few in our country can lead to in the field of industry, one of the 22 kinds of amino acids the human body needs, already can produce 13 kinds of plum blossom group, is one of the wor...

  • Guang Ming online (GMW): Meihua Group announces listing; build leading enterprise of amino acid

    On March 29, the plum blossom group at A news conference in Beijing diaoyutai state guesthouse, officially announced the success of landing a-share capital market (stock code: 600873), at this point, the industry's "hidden champions" officially surfaced, appear in front of the world....

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