• Our Xinjiang company off-flavor treatment project made significant progress

    After the beginning of Wujiaqu city, Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) specialized organization part of the NPC representatives and CPPCC members to listen to my company on how to eliminate the Xinjiang Meihua odor problems after the project report, On April 10, the National...

  • Our company carry some products strike a pose on the stage at the 2015 Shanghai FIC

    On April 1, the 19th annual China international exhibition on food additives and ingredients in the convention and exhibition center Shanghai country. My company with products, become the dazzling star in many products. Many customers place the order on the spot, hope to further cooperation with the...

  • Our subsidiary corporation Shanxi Guangsheng Medicincal Capsule Co., Ltd by NSF certification and ISO system certification

    Recently, my unit wide raw medicine by NSF certification and ISO certification, this a few certification is widely used in the international scope, has a strong authority, guiding and generality, reflecting the wide raw medicine in quality management, environmental management and occupational health...

  • The routine council China fermentation industry association

    On March 25, the six times China fermentation industry association council and a session of the standing council was held in Beijing in a few days ago, six times the meeting analyzed the biological fermentation industry economy operation in 2014, a number of industry experts and senior analyst of 20...

  • Our company's 2014 annual net profit up 23.92% from a year earlier

    Our company on March 17th evening announcement, the company 2014 annual net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 500265738.94 yuan, an increase of 23.92%; 2014 basic earnings per share 0.16 yuan, an increase of 23.08%; Operating income of 9.865 billion yuan, up 26.79% from a ye...

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