Added corn husk powder


Corn liquor protein feed is also called corn fiber feed. Process the starch made from corn and secondary product after corn germ, spray the corn steep liquor with high content of protein, amino acid to increase the content of protein, energy and amino acid. 

Product characters

Brown or sandy beige debris solid, free of caking and objectionable odor.

Product features

1.High pigment contents, color naturally formed. Good color, beautiful adjusted appearance. 

2.High energy, rapid absorption rate, low energy consumption, hard saturation and animal growth promoting. 

Product energy

Swine digestible energy: 10.38MJ/kg

Chicken metabolic energy: 8.45MJ/kg

Dairy cattle milk production energy: 7.03MJ/kg

Beef cattle weight increment: 4.85MJ/kg

Sheep digestible energy: 13.39MJ/k

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