Boutique MSG residue

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Selected monosodium glutamate residue is protein raw materials produced through filtration and hybridization during the production process of isoleucine, valine, glutamine and branched chain amino acid. It becomes finished product after drying and is rich in many kinds of amino acids, microelement, digestive enzyme and abundant growth factor. In feed, it can replace part of fish meal, corn protein powder and other high protein material, so that it widely applied in feed enterprises.


1.It is a kind of single-cell protein, the crude protein covers up to 80%. The protein molecules are very small and usually exist in small peptide forms. The true nutritive value of amino acid is more than 90%. It’s quite easy to be resolved and absorbed, so that its nutrient effect is obviously superior to oilseed meals. Therefore, it can be applied in feed to replace peeled bean pulp, fish meal, and corn gluten meal to reduce the feed cost.

2.The sum total of amino acid is in 63-65% with stable quality; meanwhile the content of essential limiting amino acid-lysine, threonine, arginine is up to 4%; the content of methionine is up to 2% with abundant isoleucine 3%, valine 5%, glutamine2%, so as to can guarantee the growth demand of beasts and birds furthest.

3.Amino acid is up to 65%, true protein covers 70%, crude protein covers 80%.

4.5000 tons/year

5. It is with light color, stable character, good mobility, small granularity and can obtain preferably mixing uniformity.

6.The interior quality is consistent and the amino acid composition is in perfect conditions.

7.It is with high content of glutamic acid so that it can be used as optimal flavor agent to improve animal ingestion and growth efficiency.

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