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99 Meihua supplies superior monosodium glutamate; Choosing good monosodium glutamate, please firmly believe national standard the 99 brand

Popular science for monosodium glutamate

Fermented with pure grain

Monosodium glutamate means sodium glutamate which was found in 1908 from kelp. Through continuous technology upgrading, now monosodium glutamate has been made from corn or rice and realized scale production. “Selected corn, natural and healthy”.

Century quality

From 1908 to present, monosodium glutamate has 100 years of applying history. In the past hundred years, monosodium glutamate has been widely used in the food industry of every country around the world and become the pronoun of healthy and safe condiment. “A century quality, a century health”.

Source of delicate flavor

Monosodium glutamate with its unique delicate flavor has been applied in condiment, food, catering and other industries; the delicate flavor of chicken extract, soy sauce, pickle, sausage, fried melon seed, instant noodles and others is mainly from monosodium glutamate. It truly is a “source of delicate flavor”.

Authorities’ reminding

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization made a conclusion in the 19th conference: monosodium glutamate is healthy and safe, so that there is no need to make any stipulations for the acceptable daily intake of monosodium glutamate for each person every day. 


Package size:100g/200g/400g/908g/1000g/2kg

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