Saving energy for540000 tons of standard coal, 10 Inner Mongolia project such as Tongliao Meihua won national awards

2015-06-30 17:59:28


In the past few days, Autonomous region development and reform commission said, this year in Inner Mongolia, there are 10 projects listed in the first batch of national financial rewards for energy saving technical reconstruction. After the completion of the project, it can realize energy saving for 540000 tons of standard coal.

On December 16, the national development and reform commission issued the implementation plan for 2013 energy saving technical reconstruction financial rewards project, Inner Mongolia has 10 items included. The ten projects enterprises are: Inner Mongolia Sanlian Jinshan plastic co., LTD, Baotou iron and steel (group) co.,  LTD, Tongliao Meihua biological technology co., LTD, Shangdu Zhongjian Jinma metallurgy chemical engineering co.,  LTD, Bayannur Fuyuan heating power co., LTD, Inner Mongolia Lantai industrial  co., LTD, Inner Mongolia Xintai group Tuquan county Xinguang heating power co., LTD, Tongliao the second power generation co., LTD, Yuanbaoshan power generation co., LTD, Inner Mongolia Shuangxin Environmental Protection Material co., LTD.

It is understood that the award scheme is a part of the policies package for national support of energy conservation and environmental protection industry development. According to usual practice, the central government will allocate special funds through the mode of replacing subsidies with awards and providing award to promote governance to give strong support and reward for the modification of the enterprise to implement energy saving. Relevant departments should carry out the construction funds and strengthen management in accordance with requirements of the national development and reform commission and in line with the Management Measures for Energy Saving Technical Reconstruction Financial Reward Fund.

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