State Council safety production inspection team got to my company to inspect and guide our work

2015-06-30 17:56:36


On March 16, 2014, the state council work safety inspection to my company inspection guidance work in xinjiang, the xinjiang company played a big role of safety management, to solve the problems during its inspection teams, safety led with rectification, according to the time node, clear person finish it on time.

They firstly visited and inspected the lysine workshop master control room, synthesis ammonia master control room of the company, understood the conditions of security technology, then came to the master production dispatching room and fully understand the production situation. Finally the main leaders had a cordial conversation in the No.1 conference room and understood the plan for company safety management and important matter safety management. Professional performed data check for the safety management situation of our company.

This check work played an important role for improving the safety management of Xinjiang Company. Aiming at the problems appeared during its inspection teams; the safety department should lead the rectification, determine the responsible persons according to the time node and ask them to complete the work on time.

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